Hinoki Essential Oil, Amayori

Chamaecyparis obtusa

Provenance: Japan

About: Hinoki is a prized tree and considered sacred in Japanese culture. It is used in Shinto purification rituals and is considered a valued source of lumber used in many temples and shrines. The most favored baths in Japan are made from hinoki cypress wood. Whether it is an ofuro deep-soaking tub at home or a majestic onsen hot spring bath, hinoki is a valued material for many reasons. Perhaps what we love most about hinoki is its scent – its aroma is otherworldly, enchanting, and mysterious. 

From an aromatherapy perspective, hinoki has been proven to promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. It is also an eco-friendly insect repellent and is antimicrobial. 

It is important to note that hinoki is on the verge of being considered an endangered species. Our supplier distills their hinoki essential oil from wood that is sustainably grown and is left over from the lumber process.

Featured In: All products from the Hinoki Onsen and Ambrosial Ofuro collections as well as our season winter fragrance, The Snow Onsen.