Relaxing with the Snow Onsen

Relaxing with the Snow Onsen

Sometimes I come across little pockets of joy in life and am so grateful to be able to have a way to share them with you.

Recently I was relaxing after a bath with The Snow Onsen Silk Gauze Shiso Bath Oil. I was reading a book I recently ordered, Snow Country written by Yasunari Kawabata. The story take place in Japan’s upper most northern region where the snow is known to blanket the entire area for months on end, hence the area's nickname, Snow Country. The story tells of a well to do man who is visiting a hot springs resort alone and his love affair with a younger geisha. Though the geisha is only twenty, there is a sense that she realizes her time as a sought-after beauty is waning. Geisha who work at hot springs resorts are less known for their artistic talents as in Kyoto or Tokyo, and are better associated with companionship for travelers in these resort towns where there is a constant influx of new people who are there to relax.
The story tells of her affair that is bound to go nowhere. This is a slow-paced book but there is something captivating about the story, the mentions of snow, and the emotions of pointless love this young woman is feeling.
That evening after my bath, I sat on my bed reading. On my nightstand I had my diffuser running with the Snow Onsen Home Essence. In the background I was listening to the last track of the Snow Onsen Playlist, Blizzard Storm Sounds. I was sipping one of my favorite winter teas - Celestial Seasoning Mandarin Spice, when I realized that this was the perfect moment where scent, sound, story, and taste created an immersive experience. If you don’t have a diffuser you can easily use The Snow Onsen Botanical Perfume Oil – just apply a bit to the wrists and collar bone and breathe. Or use The Snow Onsen Aromatic Sake Mist – just mist the air around you.
I also think a little gift box or bag of something from The Snow Onsen collection, this book, and the tea would make a lovely and unique gift for anyone who loves to read, loves travel, or loves Japan. You can also enclose a card suggesting the Snow Onsen Playlist.
It’s little things like this that make each season so special. I usually shy away from winter. I suppose one of the joys of making a winter fragrance is having something to look forward to rather than focus on the cold. I hope The Snow Onsen touches you in the same way.
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