Kyoto Summer Home Essence, Amayori

Seasonal Limited Edition: Kyoto Summer Home Essence

$ 60.00

Experience: Evoke a journey to an exotic summer in Kyoto. Refreshment, relaxation, calm, and reprieve from summer heat. 

The Fragrance: Fresh, light, and feminine. Sparkling lemon verbena will revive you while crystalline lavender maillette will calm your mind. Petitgrain sur fleurs lends a refreshing breeze-like quality. Soft, subtle vanilla and ylang ylang notes add a touch of exotic mystery Kyoto is known for. This fragrance has the added benefit of keeping summer pests away. 

The Product: Inspired by the Japanese art of appreciating fragrance or, Kodo (the way of incense), use these Home Essences to create joy, mood, energy, rejuvenation, rest, or to simply relax and take reprieve from a busy day. These 100% natural aromatic treasures capture the essence of Amayori's fragrances. Use with our Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffusers and turn any room into an aromatic sanctuary. To relax, sit quietly and enjoy your favorite Home Essence or simply diffuse as you go about your day. Use to uplift any social setting, for the office, to deepen yoga and meditation sessions, or as an aromatic bath-side accompaniment.

The Ritual: Pause, shut your eyes, and set your intention for this ritual. Place 10-12 drops into your aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy. To keep summer pests away diffuse outside with a cordless diffuser or a candle lit essential oil burner. To fragrance small spaces, add 12-15 drops to a small bowl of salt - this is a wonderful way to scent bathrooms and summer guest rooms.

Francoise's Tip: Diffuse this fragrance to feel cool and refreshed. Perfect after a day in the sun, at the beach house, or on a balmy summer evening. Since this Home Essence is a natural insect repellent, it is perfect for diffusing on summer nights both inside and outside.

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