The Amayori Sento — Japanese Culture


Step Inside the World of the Geisha

February 08, 2017
There is something mesmerizing about geisha. Not only are they physically beautiful, but they are confident, talented, gracious, and exude an otherworldly quality that an outsider can only wonder ...
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The Inspiration Behind Rotenburo Air

September 11, 2016
One of the things I love most about Amayori is that I can introduce something special from around the globe that many women may not have experienced otherwise. Japan is full of naturally occurrin...
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The Plum Blossom: A Symbol Of Spring

February 20, 2016
Spring air — woven moon and plum scent. -Matsuo Basho   As I get ready for the launch of Amayori’s spring fragrance, Cherry Blossom, I have come across so many beautiful pictures of plum blossom...
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Geisha and the Art of Subtle Beauty

November 12, 2015
  This past week we launched our new winter fragrance, the Snow Ritual. The day of the launch I came across an image and saying on Facebook that captured my inspiration for the fragrance perfectly...
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Autumn Discoveries

October 07, 2015
  I love autumn for so many reasons. It’s beautiful and just feels good. There are also little things that I look forward to that make autumn a special such as fireplaces, cashmere, pumpkin flavo...
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Celebrating Sake

October 01, 2015
  Sake is a beverage that is symbolic of celebration, friendship, and good fortune throughout Japan. Over the years it has replaced my glass of wine when I feel like relaxing. A smooth, mellow, b...
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