The Amayori Sento


Tools of the Way

May 05, 2021
There is a term that I love that is used in chado (the way of tea) as well as many other classical Japanese practices, crafts, and arts: dogu. Dogu translates to “tools of the way” or “tools of the...
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A Closer Look at Camellia Japonica Oil

March 22, 2021
A little over a year ago, I came across a very special camellia japonica oil that is grown on a small-scale farm without pesticides in the foothills of Sakurajima – an active stratovolcano in Kagos...
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How to Take a Japanese-Style Bath at Home

January 12, 2021
I am often asked about taking a Japanese-style bath at home. Bathing in the Japanese manner is life-changing. I hope that the info you will find below inspires you to bathe with intention on a regu...
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Discover the Essential Oils in The Snow Onsen

November 06, 2020
The Snow Onsen is a botanical fragrance that promotes inner peace. Each essential oil in the blend has been chosen not just for its scent, but also for its therapeutic properties. Below is a list o...
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Experience Autumn in Japan at Home

September 10, 2020
I have been dreaming of Kyoto. After six months, I have been itching to travel, and autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season in Japan. I’m sure most people who are reading this are longi...
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An Interview with Mark Edward Harris

May 03, 2020
 We recently welcomed the addition of one of my favorite books to the Amayori store: The Way of the Japanese Bath by Mark Edward Harris. I recently had the chance to interview Mark. We discussed hi...
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How to Travel From Home

April 14, 2020
I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to “travel” while staying safe at home. The first step is to pick a country that you would like to visit, and then follow the tips below. I’ve chosen Japa...
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