The Amayori Sento


Slow Beauty, Now Micro-Batched

September 19, 2019
Since day one, I have been proud and honored to handcraft Amayori’s products. Over the years, I have had people ask me why I don’t have things made in a lab or factory. The truth is, I would never ...
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A Healing Journey

September 11, 2019
I always try to keep things light in this journal, and debated writing about what I am about to share for over a month. But then it hit me: If I don’t share something that could help people, what i...
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The Home Alter: Creating Your Sacred Space

August 13, 2019
In most Japanese homes, you will find some sort of special space, usually a shrine or altar. They tend to be either Buddhist or Shinto-themed. Or they can be as simple as a tokonoma – an outlet wit...
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A 2 Week Meditation with the Home Essence

June 12, 2019
I have been meditating for quite some time now and frankly, I couldn’t imagine life without it. Meditation is a wonderful way to start the day. Your day will always flow better having had a moment ...
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A Shower Meditation

May 29, 2019
Summer is a wonderful time for a languorous shower, so I thought I would share with you my favorite way to use showering as meditation. This ritual is amazing when done on its own or before a bath....
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Two Ways to use the Aromatic Body Wash

April 22, 2019
The Aromatic Body Wash is more than a skin cleanser—it is a mood-shifting skin nurturer. Based on the Japanese ritual of showering before taking a bath, there are two ways to use the Aromatic Body ...
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A Healing Lesson from the Cherry Blossoms

March 19, 2019
As you are reading this journal post, I will be en route to Japan. One of the highlights of this trip is that I will arrive right in the middle of the beautiful sakura season. Cherry blossoms are a...
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