The Amayori Sento — Relaxation

A   J O U R N A L   O F   B E A U T Y

How to Relax With Amayori's Aromatic Experiences

One evening about a year ago, I was taking a soak with Rotenburo Air Luxury Bath Salts after a very long day. I was trying to relax but I could not stop thinking about a huge to-do list that awaited me the next day. No matter what I did, thoughts kept creeping up until I had an unusual sensation – I didn’t want to think anymore. I relaxed deeper into the scent of Rotenburo Air. And then I remembered the story of the fragrance. I decided that rather than try to quiet my mind and suppress my thoughts, I would replace them with the story and image of Rotenburo Air – the outdoor Japanese bath in the mountains. Suddenly, I...

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The Life Changing Power of Bathing Rituals

I wanted to share a bit of my personal story with you today. Bathing rituals have transformed my life so dramatically from the moment I first experienced them in Japan and they continue to do so every day. Amayori’s products, rituals, and Aromatic Experiences are life changing on many levels and have been a catalyst in helping me live a better life. Prior to starting Amayori I had been working as a busy and often frazzled real estate agent in New York City. My emotions were governed by my career. Work never stops in real estate. The pressure of working in a commission-only field in one of the most expensive cities in the world was often overwhelming. I had lost touch...

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How to Become a Bath Person

I have heard women say, “I’m not a bath person.” When you get to the heart of why, the idea of taking a bath seems overwhelming and time consuming. It need not be. You can have an ultra-relaxing experience that exceeds any spa treatment within an hour – all in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home. Here are some easy tips that can help you take the concept of bathing from daunting to doable. Set Aside One Hour a Week: Don’t wait for the perfect time – that rarely happens. Plan your bathing ritual as you would a gym session, yoga class etc. If you have kids, ask your husband to take them out for an hour...

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An Easy Three Minute Meditation

For some people, committing to a daily meditation practice can be daunting. Try starting with once a week for three minutes - we all can do this no matter how busy we are! Start with fragrance. I love to diffuse Ambrosial Ofuro Home Essence while meditating in the morning. It reminds me of the Buddhist temples of Kyoto. Shut your eyes. Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine and your chest opened (shoulders down and slightly back, chin tucked in). Breathe deeply while focusing on your heart. Picture light beaming from your heart on the exhale and your heart pulling light in on the inhale. Let this light grow larger as you go along. Whenever thoughts pop up, (this...

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A Glimpse At 2017: Living a Calm, Beautiful Life

Greetings and Happy New Year from my new live / work loft in Philadelphia. How often is it that you get to begin a new year in a new home? I love this fresh start and can't wait to begin to fill this chapter of my life. Amayori has a beautiful, extra-special new space that exudes such positive energy. I can't wait to share it with you as it unfolds over the next few months.  There are so many things to be excited about this year. For now, I'll leave it to a few key things things that you can expect from Amayori in the near future.  You will always hear from me in my own voice. From now on, all emails...

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