The Amayori Sento


My Favorite Spa Water Recipe

February 11, 2015
  As a self-confessed water addict, I am always amazed when I hear people say they struggle to get their 8-12 glasses down every day.    Drinking water can be life changing in many ways. I fin...
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A New York City Walk in the Woods

February 08, 2015
  The other day I was walking around New York with a good deal on my mind. I though it would be wonderful if I could go for a long walk in the woods to think and sort through my thoughts.  ...
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Embracing the Beauty of Uncertainty

January 25, 2015
One of the things that I decided to work on in 2015 was my fear of the unknown.   Rather than look at this fear as something I need to "fix" within myself, I am putting a positive spin on...
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How To Have a Zen Morning

December 18, 2014
    Most of us are not morning people. Like many, I used to cringe and pull the blanket over my head when the alarm rang. Over the course of many years this has changed. I now wake up around 6:00 ...
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Staying Grounded During the Holiday Season

December 04, 2014
  It all starts with Thanksgiving. The food. Then the shopping and the social obligations. It is so easy to get disconnected and off track during the holidays. We are all super busy and wind...
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