The Amayori Sento — Mindfulness


Asa Buro: The Morning Bath

July 19, 2016
Most people in Japan tend to bathe at night. A morning bath is a rare thing and is usually done when vacationing at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) or an onsen hot springs resort. Among the J...
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Yusuzumi, a Summer Evening Ritual

July 01, 2016
If you were with us last year you may remember the word yusuzumi. This was the theme of our 2015 beloved Summer Breeze collection. The tradition of yusuzumi is so special that I love revisiting it...
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Discover Ambrosial Ofuro

May 22, 2016
In Japan a daily bath is akin to the western yoga class or perhaps a glass of wine at the end of the day to relax after work. The tubs that are in most Japanese homes are called ofuro. These tend t...
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The Plum Blossom: A Symbol Of Spring

February 20, 2016
Spring air — woven moon and plum scent. -Matsuo Basho   As I get ready for the launch of Amayori’s spring fragrance, Cherry Blossom, I have come across so many beautiful pictures of plum blossom...
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