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Detox This Spring With These Japanese Wellness Tips

Spring is the perfect time to detox your surroundings, mind, body, and diet. The key to detoxing anything is to do things that are reasonable and that you can be consistent with. Here are some of my favorite Japanese wellness and lifestyle tips that are easy to incorporate into your life and will spring-clean your mind, body, and soul. Switch Out Coffee for Matcha: Invest in a good quality matcha and substitute it for your morning coffee. Matcha is made by grinding whole tea leaves. This beautiful bright green powder is packed with antioxidants. It is a strong immunity booster and has AMAZING effects on the skin. The energy lift that matcha will give you is very similar to coffee...

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New Details from Japan that You Are Going to Love

I recently ordered a beautiful foundation brush from Japan. I decided that this one brush would replace the ten foundation and concealer brushes that I had. The brush is made by a company that has been making makeup brushes for 250 years. This concept is distinctly Japanese and one of the many things I love about Japanese culture: invest in quality and don’t have things that are subpar and unnecessary. My brush arrived in the mail and I eagerly opened the package. In the box I found a simple hand-folded white envelope of a gorgeous hand-wrinkled Japanese paper called kyoseishi. It looked and felt like luxurious fabric and was breathtaking to unfold. On the white origami-like envelope lay a small...

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5 Life-Changing Japanese Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

I have learned so much from Japanese culture, in particular, Japanese women. Japan is a place where diet, mindfulness, art, and beauty all seem to merge into lifestyle. This is just a sampling of some of my favorite lifestyle perspectives that can easily be incorporated into your life. "Regardless of time, a soak is an end-cap to the day.  All women are at their best and most beautiful when they are calm and relaxed." Japanese beauty begins with a bath.™: Japanese women know the value of bathing daily to wash away the cares of their day. Relaxing at home in a bath on a regular basis is convenient, rejuvenating, and a pillar of the Japanese beauty routine. Sometimes a bath...

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Five Ways to Relax at the End of a Long Day

I used to believe that living a mindful life meant that things would be perfect and calm all the time. I’ve realized over the years that this isn’t the case. Living a mindful life is not about perfection but is about living as close to our souls and true nature as possible. When bumps in the road come up, being mindful is about utilizing the tools that we have to smooth them out. Rather than being passive, sinking deeper into stress, anger, depression, or whatever ails you, a mindful life is about taking ownership. We have control over the way we feel - inside and out, and that is an incredible gift. If you’ve ever had a really bad day,...

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Wellness Tips for the Holiday Season

Almost all of us wake up the day after a holiday party feeling a bit “off”. This time of year, we tend to eat out of character, drink a bit more alcohol than usual, and often, water is forgotten. The holiday season is a time to be enjoyed. Don’t deprive yourself. Try to balance things out by paying a little extra attention to self-care. Following are my holiday wellness tips to keep you feeling your best. I suggest doing all, or as many of these as possible the day after you’ve indulged. Warm Water and Lemon: This is a great way to start any day, but is particularly helpful after a night of eating and drinking. Lemon helps with liver...

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