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Life Lessons from Tea Ceremony: Ichigo Ichie

May 18, 2017
I recently began taking tea ceremony classes on the weekends. I have always been obsessed with the Japanese arts and tea ceremony struck me as something special from the beginning. It is a form o...
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An Easy Three Minute Meditation

April 08, 2017
For some people, committing to a daily meditation practice can be daunting. Try starting with once a week for three minutes - we all can do this no matter how busy we are! Start with fragrance. I ...
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Make New Year's Resolutions That You'll Keep

December 14, 2016
  The New Year is a wonderful time for a fresh start. By setting goals and intentions we set a road map for the year ahead. New Year's resolutions should be four things: realistic, challenging, ins...
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The Beauty Of Getting Rid Of Things

October 26, 2016
I have always considered myself a minimalist. Aside from a few candles, I've never had more then a couple of knickknacks. I have always prided myself on being streamlined and have applied this phi...
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